About Infinite Aspirations

Infinite Aspirations is a dynamic and exciting niche coaching company created by Mark Beckles, and is the result of extensive research of the life coaching industry.  The company was created to provide a unique coaching service to individuals wishing to improve their lives.  The ethos of the company is “anything is possible”, and it is this belief that underpins the service provided by Infinite Aspirations.  The company focuses predominantly on inspiring its clients to discover their true potential, and supporting them to get the best out of themselves.

About Mark

Mark Beckles is the creator and principal life coach of Infinite Aspirations.

Mark has worked in a wide range of industries including banking, insurance, law, investigation and regulation. He has worked for many major corporations including Lloyds TSB, Direct Line Insurance, Beachcroft Solicitors and The Legal Complaints Service to name but a few. Mark is a positive, charismatic and inspirational individual. He has been interested in personal development for over a decade and, during that time, he has inspired many lives.

In 2007, Mark reached a point in his life where he knew he wanted to inspire others but he wasn’t sure how to go about it. As if by fate, he received a letter from The Coaching Academy inviting him to attend a free seminar to change his life. Mark duly attended the seminar, which was a two-day course introducing him to personal coaching. Mark was hooked after the first day of the course. He realised immediately that he wanted to become a life coach, and he enrolled onto the Personal Performance Coaching course the next day.  After three years of extensive training with The Coaching Academy, Mark qualified as a professional life coach in 2010. He holds a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, which he achieved with a distinction.

As well as being a qualified life coach, Mark is also a keen martial artist, having trained for over 20 years in various disciplines including karate, kickboxing and kung fu. He is a first Dan Black Belt in both karate and kickboxing, and is an assistant kickboxing instructor at the Zen-Shin Martial Arts Academy.


  • to inspire people to realise their true potential, and believe they have the ability to achieve anything they truly desire
  • to encourage people to achieve their dreams, desires and ambitions
  • to empower people to take the necessary actions to accomplish their goals


  • Happiness – We believe happiness is essential to a successful and fulfilling life. We create a happy atmosphere in all our interactions, and we aim to provide a fun, exciting and enjoyable service.
  • Success –We set realistic, challenging goals and targets, and we are 100% committed to obtain the desired outcome in everything we do.
  • Positive belief – We believe anything is possible. We use positive language, encouragement, optimism and praise to inspire others.
  • Creativity – We seek the ideas that can make a difference. We approach challenges with an open-mind, and we use imagination, innovation and ingenuity to obtain solutions and develop new ideas.
  • Brilliance – We choose to do our best in all that we do. We believe in being better than expected, so we aim to provide a brilliant service rather than just an excellent one.
  • Growth – We will stretch and challenge ourselves to be better. We encourage learning, development, self-awareness and improvement within ourselves and others.
  • Integrity – We will provide positive feedback without compromising the truth.  We will act with honesty and integrity.