“Mark coached me through a life change, helping and supporting me to stay focused, whilst keeping me motivated. I now feel so positive and excited about my future, knowing that I am able to achieve anything I want. Thank you so much Mark.

A Looker, Clinical Hypnotherapist
“Having to work on a business plan can be quite a daunting prospect. However through individual guidance given by Mark I was able to complete this task with ease.  I found Mark’s approach to coaching to be very professional in that I felt totally at ease discussing with him my fears and perceived limitations.  Whilst I did challenge mark on quite a few occasions as to the usefulness of his methods, his determination and belief in what he did convinced me to see things from a different perspective.  I continue to apply Mark’s methods to my work. 

S Akhtar, EFT Practitioner


“Mark helped to keep me motivated. Mark was supportive and encouraging”

SM, West Midlands 

“I’ve worked with Mark on several different occasions and every time I have been more than satisfied with the work we have done. He is a great coach, supportive, very positive but also equally challenging which is very important in getting you to reach your goals.

I would highly recommend anybody looking for someone to support them to achieve their goals, seek out Mark and work with him. You will not be disappointed”

Martin Hall, Life Coach &  Motivational Speaker (www.martinroberthall.com)


“I found the coaching to be very useful. The coaching sessions enabled me to have some thinking time outside of my everyday tasks which was extremely beneficial”

NM, Lancashire


“The coaching with Mark has been fantastic. He helped me identify what I wanted and why I wanted it and then helped me identify what I needed to do to achieve it. He also showed genuine care in me achieving my goals which really meant a lot & provided the support I needed.”

M Hall, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker (www.martinroberthall.com)


“Mark’s coaching has made me believe that I have all the tools I need to achieve my goals.”

 S Evans, Exclusions Support Teacher


“Mark is incredibly professional, inspiring, motivating and fun. The benefits I gained form the coaching sessions have been outstanding, not only did I achieve my goals, he really helped me keep on track, analyse old habits and challenge my process. I really enjoyed working with Mark and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to reach his or her goals smoothly and efficiently. I found his personality charming and fun. He’s a brilliant life coach”

K Bortoft – Speaker, Business Adviser and Life Coach